Kate Yeh Chiu
is currently on Tongva, Kizh, and Chumash Land (Los Angeles)
is half of yyyy-mm-dd


Joined Woodbury University as adjunct faculty  2022.01.03
Joined the University of Southern California School of Architecture as part-time faculty  2021.08.23
Joined Materials & Applications as Executive Director  2021.01.01
Gave a yyyy-mm-dd talk about collaborating with (and not consuming!) building materials for the symposium What is degrowth made from?  2019.09.27
Erected yyyy-mm-dd’s  Another Column for the Oslo Architecture Triennale at the National Museum of Architecture, Norway  2019.09.26
As yyyy-mm-dd, received a Canada Council for the Arts grant to explore building without binding  2019.07.27
Joined the Canadian Centre for Architecture as Editor, Digital  2018.09.05
Shared some maritime material in the Art Papers issue Ports of Call   2018.summer
Received a Master of Architecture from  Princeton University SoA  2018.06.05 (Happy Birthday, Mom!)

Presented a design thesis that asked: if architecture is aggregates in temporary formation, couldn’t we just bag it up? 2018.05.21

Speculated about speculation at The Sea Ranch for  San Rocco Magazine  2018.05.07

With Emma Benintende, wrote about the theming of Michael Graves’ Swan and Dolphin Hotels for Pidgin 23...
and on a related note,  Pidgin Magazine is now un-themed  2018.04.12

Organized the conference  Lina Bo Bardi: Material Ideologies with Women in Design and Architecture (WDA)  2018.03.30.

Designed and co-authored  Keywords; For Further Consideration and Particularly Relevant to Academic Life, et c.  (Princeton University Press), which  The New Yorker  describes as a “nerdy thrill” 2018.03.08

Crossed the Atlantic aboard a cargo ship, thanks to Princeton University’s Howard Crosby Butler Traveling Fellowship  2017.08.14

Was an education fellow at  Triple Canopy  2017.06.19

Showed work in  Close Reading: Formal Analysis in Architecture  during the Milan Triennale  2017.04.03

Helped organize and produce the conference and exhibition  Zaha Hadid: Pedagogy as Practice  2017.03.30

With Andrew MacMillan, found a lot of nice posters and then co-curated the exhibition  Collateral  2016.09.19

Lived in a barn and worked at  Stan Allen Architect  2016.06.24
Participated in  Triple Canopy’s Publication Intensive  2016.06.06
Did some salvaging and helped produce the exhibition  Salvage  2016.04.11
Became an editor of  Pidgin Magazine  2015.10.19
Left LA to begin graduate school at Princeton University 2015.09.08
Helped produce  the exhibition  A New Sculpturalism: Contemporary Architecture from Southern California  2013.06.16
Began working at  Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects in Los Angeles  2012.12.03
Was a grants fellow at the  Graham Foundation  2012.06.25
Finished a BA in ISHUM at the University of Chicago 2012.06.09

More here:  CV