Kate Yeh Chiu
lives and works on Tongva land (Los Angeles)
is half of yyyy-mm-dd


directs Materials & Applications (M&A); teaches at the University of Southern California School of Architecture; is co-curating, with Jia Yi Gu, the exhibition and publication Material Acts:  Experimentation in Architecture and Design for Craft Contemporary as part of the Getty’s 2024 PST: Art and Science Collide program; edits-at-large The Avery Review


curated We Carry the Land, an outdoor installation by six Native artists and designers, rooted in an alignment of varied Indigenous foundational ways of being  2024.05.25  ←curated Black — Still, an outdoor installation by enFOLD Collective exploring narratives of wellness, access, and cultural expression with specific attention to marginalized communities  2023.05.28  ←curated Day/Dream, an exploration of transparency and its capacity for optical refraction and thermal caustics by Sara Suarez and Regina Teng for M&A’s storefront project space  2023.05.13  ←taught a vertical summer studio on collecting and collectivity at Kent State University CAED  2022.06.06  ←joined The Avery Review as an editor-at-large  2022.01.10  ←taught a seminar on materialisms at  Woodbury University  2022.01.03  ←joined the University of Southern California School of Architecture as part-time faculty  2021.08.2  ←joined Materials & Applications as Executive Director  2021.01.01 ← gave a yyyy-mm-dd talk about collaborating with (and not consuming!) building materials for the symposium What is degrowth made from?  2019.09.27  ←erected yyyy-mm-dd’s  Another Column for the Oslo Architecture Triennale at the National Museum of Architecture, Norway  2019.09.26  ←as yyyy-mm-dd with François Sabourin, received a Canada Council for the Arts grant to explore building without binding  2019.07.27 ←joined the Canadian Centre for Architecture as Editor, Digital  2018.09.05  ←shared some maritime material in the Art Papers issue Ports of Call  2018.summer  ←received a M.Arch from  Princeton University SoA  2018.06.05 (Happy Birthday, Mom!) ←presented a design thesis that asked: if architecture is aggregates in temporary formation, couldn’t we just bag it up?  2018.05.21  ←speculated about speculation at The Sea Ranch for  San Rocco Magazine  2018.05.07  ←wrote, with Emma Benintende, about the theming of Michael Graves’ Swan and Dolphin Hotels for Pidgin 23...and on a related note,  Pidgin Magazine is now un-themed  2018.04.12  ←organized the conference  Lina Bo Bardi: Material Ideologies with Women in Design and Architecture (WDA)  2018.03.30  ←designed and co-authored  Keywords; For Further Consideration and Particularly Relevant to Academic Life, et c.  (Princeton University Press), which  The New Yorker  described as a “nerdy thrill” 2018.03.08  ←crossed the Atlantic aboard a cargo ship, thanks to Princeton University’s Howard Crosby Butler Traveling Fellowship  2017.08.14  ←was an education fellow at  Triple Canopy  2017.06.19  ←showed work in  Close Reading: Formal Analysis in Architecture  during the Milan Triennale 2017.04.03  ←helped organize and produce the conference and exhibition  Zaha Hadid: Pedagogy as Practice  2017.03.30  ←with Andrew MacMillan, found a lot of nice posters and then co-curated the exhibition  Collateral  2016.09.19  ←lived in an upstate barn and worked at  Stan Allen Architect  2016.06.24  ←participated in  Triple Canopy’s Publication Intensive  2016.06.06  ←did some salvaging and helped produce the exhibition  Salvage  2016.04.11  ←became an editor of  Pidgin Magazine  2015.10.1  ←left LA to begin graduate school at Princeton University 2015.09.08   ←began working at  Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects in Los Angeles  2012.12.0  ←was a grants fellow at the  Graham Foundation  2012.06.25  ←finished a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities at the University of Chicago 2012.06.09